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Effective 2014-06-18 Freecode is no longer being updated (learn more), making whatsnewfm totally useless.

A filter for the daily newsletter from (once that only shows ‘new’ or ‘interesting’ items.

Thanks go out to Piotr Sieklucki for initially building the RPM and Debian packages and maintaining the mirror site.

Bug reports, suggestions and support requests should be handled via the SourceForge project page.

Debian users should add these lines to their /etc/apt/sources.list to get updates of this program via apt-get (whatsnewfm is - potentially outdated - also an official Debian package):

deb ./
deb-src ./




2014-06-24: whatsnewfm
The Freecode newsletter has been canceled, so whatsnewfm is of no use any more.

2011-11-01: whatsnewfm
v0.7.2: BUGFIX: Change in newsletter format, Freshmeat is now Freecode.

2009-05-30: whatsnewfm
v0.7.1: BUGFIX: Change in newsletter format.