Master Mitch - tentacle-coder



The Tentacle-Coder has been written for the „Ferkeltaschen“ from de.alt.anime so they can exchange files in a suitable format. You can encode binary data into plain ASCII format, but the files get very large. Because a randomizer is used, the encoded file will always be different, but the decoding works nevertheless.

2001-09-301.12kconverts binary files into ASCII-tentacles and back
2002-09-111.23kconverts binary files into ASCII-tentacles and back
2002-02-021.21kAs small as a .signature!
2002-02-021.11kAs small as a .signature!

2001-09-301.24kVery fast version by DeusXmachina (link, link).
2001-09-301kJavaScript version by Robert Lange.
2001-10-013kA version in PHP4 written by Christof Buergi (live version).
2001-10-094kA story about the Tentacle-Coder by Sebastian Koppehel (German only).


2002-09-11: tentacle-coder
A Debian package is available.

2002-02-02: tentacle-coder
De- and encoder in .signature size available.

2001-10-19: tentacle-coder
A Tentacle-Coder Fanfic and a JavaScript version.