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Repository content

This repository contains different categories of software for the i386, amd64 and sparc architectures (the focus being on i386):

Currently, I'm in a transition phase. Some packages are already packaged for Lenny, others are still packaged for Etch. When a package is officially available only from Lenny, I'll try to keep the Etch version around. The packages might also work under testing/unstable, if not, try to build them from source. If this fails, please contact me.

--January 2008

Package overview

The following packages are currently available:

Package details


GnuPG archive keys of the Debian repository digitally signs its Release files. This package contains
 the key used for that.


Additional styles for the fluxbox window manager

 This package contains some additional styles for the fluxbox window
 manager.  They are mostly variants of the default fluxbox styles.
 The primary goal of this package is to make it easier for me to
 install them on all of my machines.
 These styles are included:
  - AnimeNoTomodachi
  - GreenCRT
  - MitchleyKay
  - MitchleyKayFlat
  - VNC8bit


Gameboy sound player

 This program emulates the sound hardware of the Nintendo Gameboy.  It
 is able to play the sounds from a Gameboy module dump (.GBS format).
 Also included is the gbsinfo tool which displays information about
 a .GBS file.


rip and encode audio CDs - encoder

 grabcd lets you rip and encode audio CDs.  Ripping and encoding can
 be done on different systems.
 This package contains the encoder script that generates OGG files and
 stores them in a given directory hierarchy.  It receives the raw data
 from a machine where the grabcd-rip package is installed.


rip and encode audio CDs - ripper

 grabcd lets you rip and encode audio CDs.  Ripping and encoding can
 be done on different systems.
 This package contains the ripper script that reads an audio CD.  It
 sends the data to a machine where the grabcd-encode package is


collection of script for irssi written by mitch

 This is a collection of useful scripts for the irssi IRC-client.
 Thus, installing this package only makes sense if you intend to use
 Some individual scripts need other packages in order to work
 properly. Please see the list of Suggests as well as the information
 in the header of the scripts for additional information.


HTTP proxy converting Japanese characters into ASCII

 japana is a small and simple proxy written in Perl.  The proxy
 converts Japanese characters (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji etc.) into
 ASCII (Romaji) on the fly.  The conversion is done using the KAKASI


Project scheduling tool using Gantt charts

 JProjectTimer (JPT) is a project scheduler application designed for
 project managers to enable them to define tasks and their
 relationships, then represent graphically the schedule on a Gantt


convert files from and to KennySpeak is a translator for KennySpeak.  KennySpeak goes like this:
 "Ppfmfp ppmffm mfmppfmpm, fmpmfpmppffm'fpmmpp pmpmffpmfpmfmppmpm
 Pmpmppppppppffm!".  KennySpeak has been invented by Kohan Ikin.


rip and encode audio CDs - common files

 grabcd lets you rip and encode audio CDs.  Ripping and encoding can
 be done on different systems.
 This package contains files needed by the other grabcd packages.


very flexible random signature generator is a very flexible random signature generator.
 It comes together with tools to format your signature, and is capable
 of including output from other programs into your signature (e.g. uptime).
 . can also read fortune files.


browse man pages in your web browser

 Point your web browser at http://localhost/cgi-bin/man/man2html to read and
 search your man pages in the browser.
  * Fast C CGI program for man/BSD-mandoc to HTML conversion.
  * Works from the unformatted nroff/troff source.
  * Source may be compressed.
  * Does tbl tables (but not eqn equations).
  * Generates hypertext links to foobar(1), abc@host, and xyzzy.h files
  * CGI script for whatis-based alpha-indexes by section.
  * CGI script for name-only alpha-indexes by section.
  * CGI script for full text search (requires swish++)
  * Front-end script to talk to a pre-launched netscape.


convert man pages into HTML format

 The package contains a command-line tool for converting man pages into
 HTML format.
 man2html-base is a stripped-down package containing only a man to HTML
 converter,  useful for users who do not need any CGI interface, provided
 in the man2html package.


debug symbols for man2html-base


debug symbols for man2html


Dependencies for libraries needed to build mplayer

 This package exists to get yourself started when you want to compile
 mplayer from source.  This only installs the libraries needed for
 these options:
  - sound drivers: NAS, JACK, ALSA, Pulseaudio
  - video drivers: DirectFb, AAlib, CACA
  - video formats: OggTheora, AV1
  - audio formats: MPEG I Layer 1-3, Ogg Vorbis, CDDA, DCA
  - others: SAMBA, FreeType, libASS
 When there are other useful libraries installed and mplayer detects
 them during ./configure, they will be used as well.
 You should run "./configure; make; make install" from the mplayer
 source.  This will only install two binaries and one manpage, so
 it's really no problem to bypass the package management for that.


Terminal definition for WYSE 160 serial terminal

 This package contains a wide+long (132x43) terminfo definition for
 the WYSE 160 serial terminal.
 See for further details.


check which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades

 needrestart checks which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades.
 It is inspired by checkrestart from the debian-goodies package.
  - supports (but does not require) systemd
  - binary blacklisting (i.e. display managers)
  - tries to detect required restarts of interpreter based daemons
    (supports Java, Perl, Python, Ruby)
  - tries to detect required restarts of containers (docker, LXC)
  - tries to detect pending kernel upgrades
  - tries to detect pending microcode upgrades for Intel CPUs
  - could be used as nagios check_command
  - fully integrated into apt/dpkg using hooks


Experimental Karplus-Strong DSSI plugin

 This is a hack on the nekostring plugin and provides "plucked" string
 synthesizer sounds.
 DSSI is an API for audio processing plugins, particularly useful for
 software synthesis plugins with user interfaces (see


organ-like DSSI plugin

 This is an organ-like DSSI plugin.
 DSSI is an API for audio processing plugins, particularly useful for
 software synthesis plugins with user interfaces (see


polyphonic string ensemble DSSI plugin

 A synthesizer imitating the polyphonic string ensembles of the 1970s
 DSSI is an API for audio processing plugins, particularly useful for
 software synthesis plugins with user interfaces (see


Support programs for browsing image-gallery sites

 p0rn-comfort consists of several support programs for browsing
 image-gallery sites.  It includes a proxy which enables blacklisting
 of thumbnail sites on-the-fly.  It also supports queueing of entire
 pages for download and fetching them at a later time.  Queuing can
 either be done manually (directly from your browser) or by an
 automated download script which can also follow links between
 different galleries.


simple static photogallery script

 photogallery creates simple static image galleries to be deployed
 locally or on a webserver.  It contains additional tools to maintain
 a list of changes in the galleries.


renice running processes based on regular expressions

 reniced takes a list of regular expressions, looks for processes
 matching them and renices the processes to given values.
 Instead of editing the scripts in /etc/init.d to give daemons the
 nicelevel you want (and get prompted at every package update because
 these files are conffiles) you can just run reniced once a day.


Simple backup tool

 The included script performs a nice and easy file based backup.  It
 can easily be extended to include database dumps or save the output
 from `fdisk -L` and other things as well.


convert compressed sound formats

 soundconvert can recode sound formats like OGG, FLAC and MP3 to
 128kbps-MP3s to be easier to handle on small mobile players.  Other
 output formats can be selected, too.
 soundconvert tries to keep all TAGs intact.  It understands ID3v1,
 OGG, FLAC and GBS tags.
 This is one big ugly dirty hack.  Be careful when using this script!


convert files from and to tentacle code

 The Tentacle-Coder has been written for the "Ferkeltaschen" from
 news:de.alt.anime so they can exchange files in a suitable
 format. You can encode binary data into plain ASCII format, but the
 files get very large. Because a randomizer is used, the encoded file
 will always be different, but the decoding works nevertheless.


Find images which can be used as wallpapers

 This script tests if an image is usable as a desktop wallpaper.  A
 list of image types and a minimum and a maximum width and aspect
 ratio can be specified.  If a file passes all the tests, it is
 returned to stdout.


utility to filter the daily newsletter from

 whatsnewfm is a utility to filter the daily newsletter from,
 formerly known as
 The main purpose is to cut the huge newsletter to a smaller size by
 only showing items that you didn't see before.
 The items already seen will be stored in a database.  After some
 time, the items expire and will be shown again the next time they are
 included in a newsletter.
 If you find an item that you consider particularly useful, you can
 add it to a "hot" list.  Items in the hot list are always checked for
 updates so that you don't miss anything about your favourite

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