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Download is a translator for KennySpeak. KennySpeak goes like this: “Ppfmfp ppmffm mfmppfmpm, fmpmfpmppffm’fpmmpp pmpmffpmfpmfmppmpm Pmpmppppppppffm!”. KennySpeak has been invented by Kohan Ikin.

Debian users should add these lines to their /etc/apt/sources.list to get updates of this program via apt-get:

deb ./
deb-src ./

2002-01-061.73kA KennySpeak translator written in Perl.
2003-02-101.7-39kA Debian package of
2002-01-061.74kThe manpage of

The original KennyTranslator by Kohan Ikin. was added to the FreeBSD ports collection by Alan Eldridge.
A KennySpeak translator script for XChat written by Hans Freitag.
A KennySpeak translator in just 2.5 lines of Perl code written by Jan-Pieter Cornet.


Update of the Debian package.

A Debian package is available.

v1.7: A message is printed when the program is killed. Addition to the BSD ports collection.