Master Mitch - joyd



joyd is a daemon that allows you to trigger commands on your computer by using your joystick. It can execute any program. You can bind commands to single buttons, movements of your stick or combinations. There can be as much commands as you like, you can even bind multiple commands to one combination. Included are two helper applications that allow you to test your joystick status from within your own shell scripts.

Thanks go out to Piotr Sieklucki for building the joyd RPM packages and to Stephane Louise for generating the PPC RPM.

2001-01-100.3.185ksource (C); development version

2000-11-060.2.2-146kRPM package compiled for i386 architecture
2000-11-060.2.2-152ksource RPM package

2000-10-110.2.21kLinux Software Map entry
2008-01-200.2.21kby Jean Delvare
2000-10-110.2.248ksource (C)
2000-10-110.2.23kpatch from 0.2.1 to 0.2.2

2000-09-190.2.1-147kRPM package compiled for PPC architecture

(German only)


2008-01-20: joyd
a patch for building with gcc 4.1.2

2002-03-10: joyd
German Linux Magazine featured an article about joyd, which is finally available online.

2001-01-10: joyd
Development version 0.3.1 has been released.