Master Mitch - History

This is a list of all changes within this website:


2017-06-29: gbsplay
only reference the current homepage and project site

2016-05-15: stuff
reniced v1.21: new: add README, clarify license terms

2016-04-05: stuff
reniced v1.20: new: use newer kernel interface for OOM killer settings

2016-03-30: irssi plugins
ditz bug tracker removed

2016-03-15: dwm-mitch
v4.0: various updates and bugfixes

2015-12-30: webCOMA
webCOMA now creates HTML5 - but not all pages have been converted yet.

2015-05-24: dwm-mitch
v3.9: various updates and bugfixes

2014-06-24: whatsnewfm
The Freecode newsletter has been canceled, so whatsnewfm is of no use any more.

2013-12-08: Newsserver
Updated IP addresses. IPv6 now supported!

2012-01-15: dwm-mitch
v3.7: various updates and bugfixes

2011-11-01: whatsnewfm
v0.7.2: BUGFIX: Change in newsletter format, Freshmeat is now Freecode.

2011-04-10: stuff
simplebackup v0.1.6: new version

2011-04-02: stuff
simplebackup v0.1.5: new version

2011-03-28: Newsserver
New page: Newsserver. Looking for peers!

2010-11-14: Main Page
The git repositories moved to github.

2010-09-19: stuff
reniced v1.19: new: variable ps(1) output and adjustment of OOM killer values

2010-03-19: dwm-mitch
v3.6: Xinerama support, tileleft layout and update to dmenu 4.0

2009-08-13: stuff
simplebackup v0.1.4: small bugfixes

2009-05-30: whatsnewfm
v0.7.1: BUGFIX: Change in newsletter format.

2009-05-17: stuff
simplebackup v0.1.3: small bugfixes and improvements

2009-04-13: photo­gallery
v1.30: bugfix for bash 3.2

2009-04-12: photo­gallery
v1.29: bugfix

2009-03-29: whatsnewfm
Debian package updated.

2009-03-28: whatsnewfm
Debian package updated.

2009-03-26: whatsnewfm
v0.7.0: BUGFIX: Support the new newsletter format. Allow scoring according to license.

2009-03-20: whatsnewfm
Freshmeat has changed the newsletter format (see this bug), for the time being try out from the CVS repository.

2009-03-03: irssi plugins updated from git repository

2009-01-30: stuff
simplebackup v0.1.2: various improvements

2008-12-27: photo­gallery
v1.28: bugfixes and minor enhancements

2008-12-27: dwm-mitch
v3.5.1: layout bugfix

2008-12-06: dwm-mitch
v3.5: update to dmenu 3.9, small changes

2008-10-12: Using a WYSE 160 terminal with Linux
Mention dvtm, add link to Debian package ncurses-term-mitch

2008-08-15: gbsplay
v0.0.91: Bugfixes and new features.

2008-07-20: irssi plugins
ditz bug tracker added

2008-07-18: photo­gallery
Debian package added

2008-07-16: photo­gallery
v1.27: small bugfix and minor enhancements

2008-07-13: photo­gallery
v1.26: first proper release

2008-07-13: stuff
photogallery moved to it’s own page

2008-07-12: Main Page
new: Debian packages of ditz and the required library trollop

2008-06-28: dwm-mitch
v3.4: update to dmenu 3.7

2008-06-21: gbsplay
v0.0.9: Bugfixes and new features.

2008-04-19: irssi plugins and updated from git repository

2008-01-27: irssi plugins
add gitweb link

2008-01-27: photo­gallery
add gitweb links

2008-01-27: dwm-mitch
add gitweb link

2008-01-27: stuff
add gitweb links

2008-01-20: joyd
a patch for building with gcc 4.1.2

2007-12-28: dwm-mitch
v3.3: update to dwm 4.7 and dmenu 3.4

2007-12-26: dwm-mitch
installed a public git repository; release 3.3 can already be tested there

2007-10-29: photo­gallery
git repository available

2007-10-28: photo­gallery
v1.24: include README files if present and other small fixes

2007-10-27: irssi plugins v1.20: video titles work again

2007-09-18: dwm-mitch
v3.2: bugfix: layout and mwfact got screwed up between workspaces when a workspace was created or removed

2007-09-06: dwm-mitch
v3.1: update to dwm 4.4.1

2007-08-05: stuff
reniced v1.17: support for threads and io priorities

2007-07-22: irssi plugins v1.19: support for %xx-encoded video titles in

2007-07-22: dwm-mitch
v3.0: update to dwm 4.3 and dmenu 3.3, floatborder patch for dwm

2007-06-24: photo­gallery
v1.16: bugfix: handle duplicate files with different extensions correctly

2007-06-23: photo­gallery
new: a simple script to generate static web photo galleries

2007-06-17: irssi plugins
numerous updates within all scripts

2007-05-24: dwm-mitch
v2.9: update to dwm 4.1 and dmenu 3.1

2007-05-13: stuff
simplebackup v0.1.1: bugfix: don’t let backup be world-readable during creation

2007-04-22: dwm-mitch
v2.8: update to dmenu 3.0 and an important bugfix

2007-04-15: dwm-mitch
v2.7: update to dwm 3.9, restart patch and Xrandr support

2007-04-03: dwm-mitch
v2.6: update to dwm 3.8 and numpad patch for dmenu

2007-03-10: dwm-mitch
v2.5: update to dmenu 2.8 and a small new function

2007-03-03: dwm-mitch
v2.4: update to dmenu 2.6, improvements and bugfixes

2007-02-26: Contact data
New page!

2007-02-24: dwm-mitch
v2.3: update to dmenu 2.5

2007-02-14: dwm-mitch
v2.2: update to dmenu 2.2 und dwm 3.5

2007-02-13: dwm-mitch
v2.1: update bottom stack patch to dwm-3.4-bstack-2.diff

2007-02-12: dwm-mitch
v2.0: update to dwm 3.4

2007-02-10: dwm-mitch
v1.9: small updates

2007-02-04: Japana
v2.0.6: bugfix: HTTP keepalive has been fixed

2007-01-21: irssi plugins new 4chan link format is understood; Einskanal is deactivated (site has vanished)

2007-01-21: dwm-mitch
v1.8: update to dmenu 2.1 and dwm 3.1

2007-01-14: dwm-mitch
v1.7: update to dmenu 1.9 and dwm 2.8

2006-12-27: dwm-mitch
v1.6: update to dmenu 1.8 and configurable colors in dwm-chooser

2006-12-17: dwm-mitch
v1.5: multiple small updates

2006-12-10: stuff
simplebackup v0.1.0: new parameter to expirebackups

2006-12-09: Main Page
Removed the links page, it was totally out of date.

2006-12-09: dwm-mitch
v1.4: proper UTF8 support

2006-12-06: dwm-mitch
v1.3: switch to dwm 2.4 and updates to dwm-chooser

2006-11-30: dwm-mitch
v1.2: updates to dmenu (among other things)

2006-11-26: irssi plugins
New: some plugins for irssi

2006-11-26: dwm-mitch
New: my version of the dwm window manager

2006-09-13: whatsnewfm
v0.6.6: Documentation now also describes how to use maildrop instead of procmail.

2006-07-31: stuff
simplebackup v0.0.9: Small update and bugfix to simplebackup.

2006-06-04: p0rn-comfort
DBM::Deep update

2006-03-12: Ascii Art - Computer and Videogames
new: Luigi

2006-02-01: whatsnewfm
Debian packages updated (build with debhelper instead of debmake).

2006-01-21: gbsplay
v0.0.8: New release with better sound emulation.

2005-12-25: TV-Out on Thinkpad T30 with Linux (Debian Sarge)
New page!

2005-12-24: Main Page
Removed the software page because it didn’t contain useful information.

2005-12-02: stuff
v0.0.8: Small update to simplebackup.

2005-10-15: Using a WYSE 160 terminal with Linux
Describe how to use the terminal with an UTF-8 locale.

2005-07-17: Downloads
My first fanfiction First Encounter is available.

2005-06-29: Using a WYSE 160 terminal with Linux
Describe how to use a higher resolution.

Offer direct download of Debian packages (they have been available in my repository for quite some time now).

2005-06-13: Archive
New page with old stuff.

2005-06-13: webCOMA
webCOMA now produces a complete new design.

2005-05-30: stuff
simplebackup v0.0.7: fix problems with tar-1.15.1.

2005-05-05: webCOMA
webCOMA now produces RSS feeds.

2005-04-17: stuff
new: reniced: change process priorities using regular expressions

2005-02-07: Single Line
New: Small Bugfix; output file handle can be chosen in the constructor.

2005-01-30: Single Line
New: A Perl module for printing status messages into a single line.

2005-01-10: Ascii Art - Anime and Cartoons
new: Yotsuba and A!

2004-11-21: p0rn-comfort
A Debian package is available.

2004-11-20: p0rn-comfort
v0.0.4: Add p0rn-bot to register pages automatically.

2004-11-09: stuff
v0.0.6: Small update to simplebackup.

2004-10-16: webCOMA
webCOMA now produces standard conformant HTML 4.01 strict.

2004-07-16: gbsplay
v0.0.7: Some new features.

2004-07-05: stuff
v0.0.5: Small update to simplebackup.

2004-07-04: stuff
v0.0.4: Small updates to simplebackup.

2004-06-28: stuff
v0.0.3: Small updates to simplebackup.

2004-06-27: stuff
new: A simple backup tool.

2004-05-26: p0rn-comfort
v0.0.3: Fix database corruption issues.

2004-05-15: p0rn-comfort
New: A program suite for comfortably browsing p0rn websites.

2004-04-26: gbsplay
v0.0.6: Bugfixes and new features.

2004-04-13: whatsnewfm
v0.6.5: Scoring now matches multiline.

2004-02-15: whatsnewfm
v0.6.4: Fix problems with '=20' in mails.

2004-01-16: gbsplay
v0.0.5: Bugfixes for Cygwin.

2004-01-04: gbsplay
v0.0.4: Bugfixes and new features.

2003-12-07: gbsplay
v0.0.3: Bugfixes and new features.

2003-11-17: Japana
Debian package updated.

2003-09-21: gbsplay
v0.0.2: Bugfixes and new features.

2003-09-12: gbsplay
New: A player for Gameboy sound dumps.

2003-08-31: webCOMA
CSS transition of webCOMA started.

2003-08-24: Main Page
Removed the literature pages and the spam parade. They were not updated anyway.

2003-08-24: Japana examples
Update of the example screen shots.

2003-08-20: whatsnewfm
v0.6.3: Sendmail paramaters can be configured.

2003-07-11: stuff
new: A tool to remove duplicate articles from newsspools.

2003-05-18: Japana
v2.0.5: BUGFIX: Commandline arguments are case-sensitive now.

2003-04-27: Japana
v2.0.4: Proxy authentication and gzip support.

2003-04-27: whatsnewfm
v0.6.2: BUGFIX: multiline subjects were not parsed correctly.

2003-04-04: stuff
autolame updated.

2003-03-09: Using a WYSE 160 terminal with Linux
Use only 19200 bit/s, otherwise the terminal loses some characters.

2003-03-03: Main Page
Removed traffic statistics page.

Update of the Debian package.

2003-02-08: JProjectTimer
Debian package available.

2003-02-08: stuff
Additional versions of the password generator by Chris Fasel.

2003-01-19: Japana
v2.0.3: Small bugfix and documentation updates.

2003-01-19: OpenPGP
New page!

2003-01-11: whatsnewfm
v0.6.1: BUGFIX: Newsletter statistics were wrong.

2003-01-05: whatsnewfm
Debian packages updated.

2003-01-04: whatsnewfm
v0.6.0: Development branch promoted to stable.

2002-12-29: whatsnewfm
v0.5.3: Location and name of configuration file can be changed.

2002-12-28: whatsnewfm
v0.4.13: Location and name of configuration file can be changed.

2002-12-21: whatsnewfm
Debian packages updated.

2002-12-20: stuff
new: A wallpaper script by Jan Kandziorra.

2002-12-18: whatsnewfm
Debian packages updated.

2002-12-16: Java classes
Removed unnecessary class documentation.

2002-12-06: whatsnewfm
New RPM packages: ownerships fixed.

2002-12-04: Japana
Debian package updated: German debconf translation.

2002-12-04: whatsnewfm
v0.5.2: BUGFIX: v0.5.1 didn’t work at all.

2002-12-03: whatsnewfm
v0.5.1: Allow import of 0.4.x databases.

2002-12-03: stuff
new: Syllable update at the password generator.

2002-12-02: whatsnewfm
v0.4.12: BUGFIX: Removed race condition with lock files.

2002-11-26: stuff
new: A small and simple password generator.

2002-11-24: whatsnewfm
v0.5.0: Development branch started, using Berkeley DB for storage.

2002-11-23: whatsnewfm
v0.4.11: Debian package updated.

2002-11-21: Japana
Debian package updated.

2002-11-21: whatsnewfm
v0.4.11: The warnings under Perl 5.8 have been removed from whatsnewfm.

2002-11-11: Japana
Debian package updated.

2002-11-11: JProjectTimer
v0.0.7: New version.

2002-11-07: Japana
Debian package updated.

2002-11-03: Japana
v2.0.2: The Debian package is not included in the tar.gz any more.

2002-11-03: JProjectTimer
Removed the .zip file -- .tar.gz should be enough.

2002-11-02: Ascii Art - Miscellaneous
new: a cookie, Monty Python foot

2002-11-02: Ascii Art - Computer and Videogames
new: Unreal logo and a GameCube

2002-10-28: Using a WYSE 160 terminal with Linux
Setup corrected, should really work this time.

2002-10-20: Using a WYSE 160 terminal with Linux
New page!

2002-09-30: Ascii Art - Miscellaneous
Some new ASCIIs.

2002-09-30: Ascii Art - Anime and Cartoons
new: Dejiko and Hoshimaru

2002-09-30: Ascii Art - Computer and Videogames
Computer and Videogame ASCIIs have their own page now.

A Debian package is available.

2002-09-27: Japana
New version using kakasi for translation.

2002-09-11: tentacle-coder
A Debian package is available.

2002-09-10: Japana
A Debian package is available.

2002-09-10: whatsnewfm
v0.4.10: A Debian package is available.

2002-06-25: Ascii Art - Computer and Videogames
A signature sized Chocobo.

2002-03-10: joyd
German Linux Magazine featured an article about joyd, which is finally available online.

2002-02-08: JProjectTimer
v0.0.6: New version.

2002-02-02: tentacle-coder
De- and encoder in .signature size available.

2002-01-18: JProjectTimer
v0.0.5: Printing is finally available.

2002-01-12: back­
v1.5: removed warning with Perl 5.6

2002-01-07: Ascii Art - Transportation and Traffic
Transportation and Traffic ASCIIs have their own page now.

2002-01-07: Ascii Art - Buildings
Buildings ASCIIs have their own page now.

2002-01-07: Ascii Art - Sports
Sports ASCIIs have their own page now.

2002-01-07: Ascii Art - Animals
Animal ASCIIs have their own page now.

2002-01-07: Ascii Art - Miscellaneous
Misc. ASCIIs have their own page now.

2002-01-07: Ascii Art - Anime and Cartoons
Anime & Cartoon ASCIIs have their own page now.

2002-01-06: Ascii Art
Some new ASCIIs.

v1.7: A message is printed when the program is killed. Addition to the BSD ports collection.

2001-11-07: whatsnewfm
v0.4.10: BUGFIX: Change in newsletter format.

2001-10-19: tentacle-coder
A Tentacle-Coder Fanfic and a JavaScript version.

2001-10-19: whatsnewfm
v0.4.9: Some new features and a small bugfix.

2001-10-01: tentacle-coder
A version written in PHP4 is available and there is an update to the C version.

2001-09-30: Ascii Art
Again some new ASCIIs.

2001-09-30: weird stuff
The tentacle-coder has moved here.

2001-09-30: tentacle-coder
Version 1.1 is a little faster than the old version and there is a version written in C available.

2001-09-23: tentacle-coder
new: The tentacle-coder.

2001-09-03: back­
new: A tool to start multiple programs in the background.

2001-09-01: Main Page
Removed the literature pages as they won’t be finished anytime in the near future.

2001-08-24: watchfm
Removed watchfm project page on Freshmeat.

2001-08-18: whatsnewfm
v0.4.8: A Debian package is available.

2001-08-15: whatsnewfm
v0.4.8: BUGFIX: Categories were missing in 'hot' mails.

2001-08-10: JProjectTimer
French translation available.

2001-08-10: whatsnewfm
v0.4.7: BUGFIX: Works correctly with the current newsletter format.

2001-07-28: whatsnewfm
v0.4.6: Added scoring of Freshmeat categories.

2001-07-21: Ascii Art
Some new ASCIIs.

2001-07-21: webCOMA
webCOMA now supports in-page links.

2001-07-20: weird stuff has moved here.

v1.6: Removed warnings with Perl 5.6.

2001-07-19: whatsnewfm
v0.4.5: BUGFIX: Works correctly with the current newsletter format.

v1.5: Small documentation update.

2001-07-15: webCOMA
Changed the page layout.

new: A translator for KennySpeak. “Pppmffmmfmpp, mfffmmppp’fmp mfffmp?”

2001-07-10: Ascii Art - Animals
new: A dinosaur.

2001-07-01: Ascii Art - Miscellaneous
new: A 5 Gulden coin.

2001-06-23: whatsnewfm
v0.4.4: Minor bugfixes and a filter for the 'view' command.

2001-05-31: Ascii Art - Anime and Cartoons
new: A medium NERV logo

2001-04-09: Ascii Art - Anime and Cartoons
new: A big NERV logo

2001-04-04: Japana
Better translation, faster proxy.

2001-04-01: Japana examples
New page with example screen shots from japana.

2001-03-30: Japana
New: a proxy that translates Hiragana and Katakana in Romaji.

2001-03-26: Ascii Art - Anime and Cartoons
new: Ramiel from Neon Genesis Evangelion

2001-03-21: webCOMA
Source code and generator tool for this website are available.

2001-03-20: JProjectTimer
Public CVS tree available.

2001-03-18: Ascii Art
New page!

2001-02-28: JProjectTimer
Load and save are working now.

2001-02-25: JProjectTimer
New version with a gantt diagram and internationalization.

2001-02-11: whatsnewfm
v0.4.3: Some new features and small bugfixes.

2001-02-08: whatsnewfm
Update of the Debian package.

2001-02-07: JProjectTimer
New application!

2001-02-05: whatsnewfm
v0.4.2: Freshmeat has changed the newsletter format again.

2001-02-02: whatsnewfm
v0.4.1: BUGFIX: Yesterday’s newsletter was cut off in the middle.

2001-01-31: whatsnewfm
v0.4.0: whatsnewfm now understands the new Freshmeat II newsletter.

2001-01-30: whatsnewfm
New items with less than a specified score will not be shown.

2001-01-10: joyd
Development version 0.3.1 has been released.

2001-01-09: stuff
A multi-user version of autolame is available (contributed by Gerrit van den Hanenberg).

2001-01-08: various C header files
<string.h> is needed by parse_home.h.

2001-01-04: various C header files
parse_home.h now works with a C compiler that doesn’t understand C++ style comments.

2001-01-04: joyd
Development version 0.3.0 has been released.

Bugfix: The tools and couldn’t handle dollar signs in their input data correctly.

You can set a maximim width for the signatures to choose.

2000-11-26: whatsnewfm
Debian and RPM packages for the latest version are available.

2000-11-25: whatsnewfm
Freshmeat editorials are included in the list of new applications.

Bugfix: Removed those Perl 5.6 warnings from’s tools.

2000-11-15: Sitemap
There is an overview of this website available.

2000-11-14: History
Added a history page.

Removed a bug that would print an entire signature file as a signature.

2000-11-10: whatsnewfm
The warnings under Perl 5.6 have been removed from whatsnewfm.

The warnings under Perl 5.6 have been removed from

2000-11-06: joyd
i386 and source RPMs of joyd 0.2.2 are available.

2000-10-30: whatsnewfm
Freshmeat has made a small change to the newsletter, whatsnewfm has been updated.

2000-10-30: stuff
A bugfix at autolame.

2000-10-27: stuff
autolame now clears empty subdirs.

2000-10-19: stuff
Smallest improvements to autolame.

A small bugfix (removed a Perl warning) in

2000-10-14: can now read fortune files.

2000-10-13: now comes with all tools and documentation.

2000-10-11: joyd
Small fixes in the new joyd version.

2000-10-01: whatsnewfm
A new version of whatsnewfm - including Debian packages. Thanks again to Piotr Sieklucki!

2000-10-01:, the successor of makeSIGN finally has been released.

2000-10-01: stuff
Small improvements at autolame.

2000-09-20: stuff
Small improvements at autolame.

2000-09-19: joyd
Stephane Louise has created a PPC RPM of joyd.

2000-09-12: whatsnewfm
Thanks to Piotr Sieklucki there are RPM packages of whatsnewfm now.

2000-09-12: joyd
Thanks to Piotr Sieklucki there are RPM packages of joyd now.

2000-09-10: whatsnewfm
Some new features at whatsnewfm.

2000-09-02: stuff
A new version of autolame has arrived.

2000-08-22: whatsnewfm
whatsnewfm understands the new freshmeat newsletter format.

2000-08-22: stuff
A new script encodes .WAVs without user interaction.

2000-08-10: weird stuff
I’ve published some weird little programs.

2000-08-04: whatsnewfm
Bugfixes and new features in whatsnewfm.

2000-08-03: whatsnewfm
A new version of whatsnewfm - you don’t need watchfm any more.

2000-08-03: Java classes
New java classes: a set of multiplexing streams.

2000-08-01: Java classes
New Java classes have been added.