Master Mitch - dwm-mitch



dwm is a small and unusual (read: dynamic) window manager similar to ratpoison, larswm or wmii. dwm has an extremely small codebase and is easy to extend or change.
dwm-mitch is my version of dwm 4.7 (released in late 2007) that’s configured and extended the way I need it. I’ve included some existing patches and changed other things by mysel. Because dwm and dwm-mitch are configured directly in the source code, there is no binary downloadable here.
It’s best to follow the current source at Github because releases are few and continuously outdated…

2016-03-154.04kmanual and other information
github repository

2010-03-193.629kMakefile and patchset
2008-12-273.5.120kMakefile and patchset
2008-12-063.520kMakefile and patchset
2008-06-283.419kMakefile and patchset
2007-12-283.319kMakefile and patchset
2007-09-183.222kMakefile and patchset
2007-09-063.121kMakefile and patchset
2007-07-223.024kMakefile and patchset
2007-05-242.923kMakefile and patchset
2007-04-222.824kMakefile and patchset
2007-04-152.724kMakefile and patchset
2007-04-032.623kMakefile and patchset
2007-03-102.524kMakefile and patchset
2007-03-032.423kMakefile and patchset
2007-02-242.323kMakefile and patchset
2007-02-142.223kMakefile and patchset
2007-02-132.123kMakefile and patchset
2007-02-122.022kMakefile and patchset
2007-02-101.923kMakefile and patchset
2007-01-211.820kMakefile and patchset
2007-01-141.717kMakefile and patchset
2006-12-271.616kMakefile and patchset
2006-12-171.516kMakefile and patchset
2006-12-091.416kMakefile and patchset
2006-12-061.316kMakefile and patchset
2006-11-301.216kMakefile and patchset
2006-11-111.116kMakefile and patchset
2006-11-041.013kMakefile and patchset


2016-03-15: dwm-mitch
v4.0: various updates and bugfixes

2015-05-24: dwm-mitch
v3.9: various updates and bugfixes

2012-01-15: dwm-mitch
v3.7: various updates and bugfixes