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2017-06-29: gbsplay
only reference the current homepage and project site

2016-05-15: stuff
reniced v1.21: new: add README, clarify license terms

2016-04-05: stuff
reniced v1.20: new: use newer kernel interface for OOM killer settings


As I’m keen on programming, I’ve got a few useful programs that may interest you. All these programs are free and may be copied.
No software is 100% bug free. I think that these programs work properly but if you find a bug and some damage occurs to your files or your computer it’s your own fault. You have been warned:
Use these programs at your own risk.

The software below is rather ancient and kind of an archive. Nearly everything (and much more), even more up to date, can be found on my Github account.


Here I’m going to publish documents and other things of interest.