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2017-06-29: gbsplay
only reference the current homepage and project site

2016-05-15: stuff
reniced v1.21: new: add README, clarify license terms

2016-04-05: stuff
reniced v1.20: new: use newer kernel interface for OOM killer settings

Diese Seite gibt es auch in Deutsch.

Welcome to my homepage. Please have a look around...

At the moment, these pages are available in German only:

You could also read my blog, check out my code on github, follow me on twitter or visit my Flickr gallery (which is quite outdated). And don’t forget the contact data.

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mitch @master_mitch
Sind Politiker nicht auch irgendwie wichtig für unsere Demokratie? #Rentenkürzung#Zeitungsboten…

mitch @master_mitch
Whut? Geil!… #illegalePrimzahl #DeCSS

mitch @master_mitch
Ich mag meine Schokolade so dunkel wie meine Fanfics.

  me on github

mmitch github commit @mmitch_github
[dwm-mitch]… Christian Garbs - CI build: test install and uninstall targets ensure that all files are removed on ...

mmitch github commit @mmitch_github
[dwm-mitch]… Christian Garbs - fix signed/unsigned error in addition clang warnings are great! dwm.c:1409:13: wa...

mmitch github commit @mmitch_github
[dwm-mitch]… Christian Garbs - remove -flto flag from clang build -flto works with gcc, but not with clang/LLVM I...