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These are various small tools that I have to keep somewhere.

Debian users should add these lines to their /etc/apt/sources.list to get updates of the debs listed here via apt-get:

deb ./
deb-src ./

2010-09-191.1915kchanges process priorities using regular expressions
2010-09-191.19-1~113kDebian package of reniced
github repository

2011-04-100.1.613kA simple, flexible backup script.
2011-04-100.1.6-111kDebian package of the backup script.
github repository

2003-07-111.021kA tool that removes duplicate articles from a newsspool. Useful when inn has crashed and messed up the spool.

2002-12-180.12kA script to find pictures which are usable as desktop wallpapers. Written by Jan Kandziorra.
2002-12-200.1-16kDebian package of the wallpaper script.

2003-04-041.173ka script to encode .WAVs without user interaction
2000-09-011.144kcontributed by Gerrit van den Hanenberg

2002-12-031.21kgenerates simple pronounceable passwords
2003-08-021.21ktranslated to Ruby by Chris Fasel
2003-07-021.21ktranslated to PHP by Chris Fasel

2000-06-180.0.18krandomly colorizes text files

2000-06-150.0.21kfollows a chain of symbolic links, deleting every link and finally the file


2011-04-10: stuff
simplebackup v0.1.6: new version

2011-04-02: stuff
simplebackup v0.1.5: new version

2010-09-19: stuff
reniced v1.19: new: variable ps(1) output and adjustment of OOM killer values

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