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2014-06-24: whatsnewfm
The Freecode newsletter has been canceled, so whatsnewfm is of no use any more.

2013-12-08: Newsserver
Updated IP addresses. IPv6 now supported!

2012-01-15: dwm-mitch
v3.7: various updates and bugfixes

Diese Seite gibt es auch in Deutsch.

Welcome to my homepage. Please have a look around...

At the moment, these pages are available in German only:

You could also read my blog, check out my code on github, follow me on twitter or visit my Flickr gallery (which is quite outdated). And don't forget the contact data.

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mitch @master_mitch
Ich sollte eine neue Sportart erfinden: Geocaches abradeln, aber bloß nichts finden. Das waren jetzt 7 in Serie.

mitch @master_mitch
Hier hängt Werbung für "5th best club in the world". Kein Scheiß.

mitch @master_mitch
#StarshipTroopers ist ein gutes Buch. Hätte nicht gedacht, dass das von 1959 ist. #Heinlein

  me on github

mmitch github commit @mmitch_github
[rrd]… Christian Garbs - initialize variables

mmitch github commit @mmitch_github
[dns-update]… Christian Garbs - print client IP on 'auto' because the client obviously does not know his address, ...

mmitch github commit @mmitch_github
[webcoma]… Christian Garbs - fix HTML validation errors with twitter RSS snippets

Christian Garbs : webCOMA (git) : Sun Jun 14 15:53:53 CEST 2015 : valid HTML : valid CSS : valid RSS : Flattr this!